RAMfest 2013 [CPT]

RAMfest 2013 [CPT]


April 17th, 2013


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On a Scale from 1 to RAMFEST!!! . How good was your festival experience??

RAMfest 2013 was simply an incredible experience from beginning to end. This year saw the re-introduction of the 3-day camping ticket, which saw tonnes of ravers & rockers braving another night of camping and enjoying a unique experience to the festival world.  – it seemed most people were already there on Friday and it took about 10 minutes to get through the entrance and into a parking. Although it took us quite a bit of time driving through the forest trying to find a suitable camping spot and parking. If only we knew about the vast expansive field opposite the stages.

After setting up our tents and getting settled into our spot, we immediately started our RAMfest campaign by befriending our neighbours & enjoying some fermented grain. (beer)

Things I wish I’d known before:

I really wish I had believed the weather report that RAMfest would finally be muddy! Having said that, I was pleased to be one of the few people who hadn’t fallen over or stepped in a huge pile of mud.

Olmeca Tequila Stage highlights: Friday.

There were some huge names on the line-up this year.  Friday night was hailed by the likes of White Nite ; Blush & Bass & RiotSquad, but the best sets of the night went to George Daniel & Sideshow who absolutely slayed it. Niskerone & Grimehouse went into the earlier hours, even though it was raining, it surely didn’t discourage revelers to continue raving!

All Images Taken by : Jesse Bethany Pearse

The campsite and festival clientele:

Festival clientele can’t be faltered. Got us checked-in in minutes. The campsite suffered from weather conditions and unfortunately it didn’t seem that pleasant, but thankfully the Sunny weather dried up all the rain. As with most SA festivals, you would struggle to find someone who complained and only a handful of people came unprepared (and they looked like the ones who couldn’t tell it was raining anyway).

Stuff to eat and to avoid:

There was an abundance of massive bars and plenty of places to eat your usually priced festival food. Although the area did look like the Canal Walk Food Court, never in my life have I seen so many choices of food! If you weren’t into metal music or screaming…well then you were like me and avoided the metal tent located somewhere in the woods.

How much did you spend? Bargains, ripoffs?!

I spent about R70 on food a day, and nothing on alcohol it seemed very little. As a lot of people don’t camp and therefore can’t bring drinks in, this festival could be quite an expensive one, however the buzz around the place and the type of music really does help you enjoy it completely sober! It’s not like watching a whiny indie band.

Festival surprises:

How I managed to find my tent at night, everything looked the same. The high amounts of cars and trees weren’t helping, but fortunately one of our neighbours had a pulsing red light mounted on what looked like a flag pole.

The Lipton Ice Tea Beach area. If you weren’t there during the day to enjoy relaxing hammocks, free Ice Tea , Great Music or taking pictures with a guy passed out in the middle of the road using an inflated wine papsak as a pillow, well then you missed out.

Also the Comedy Hour was brilliant… its just what you needed to start your hungover Saturday & Sunday , with a Laugh. Shout-out to all the Comedians with special mention to Nadine , Erasmus & Cameron.


In case you hadn’t noticed, it was very wet but also graced by sunny skies this year. I think it was about time RAMfest joined in the muddy festival vibes. I won’t say no to a heatwave next year though.

Typical festival goer:

Quite a mix of young & old festival goers, but no kiddies. Everyone was old enough to know that taking drugs are bad, yet still young enough to find stage diving a necessity.

Olmeca Tequila Stage highlights: Saturday

Every now and again a set just ticks all the boxes at a festival and Hyphen definitely fell into that category. It was exactly what we needed. A lively, energetic introduction into what would be a solid five hours or so on our feet, as the weather meant there was literally nowhere to sit down other than your own tent, and that seemed like a mountain hike away.
Stand out acts also included Das Kapital playing an assortment of eclectic tracks and of course Sibot , Although the Pyramid of LCD’s didn’t really work so well for his visuals.

Onto PENDULUM… The lasers alone were enough to make this set enjoyable. I have rarely seen anything like it. The first half of the set I really enjoyed, a very Jump Up style of DnB. After that point things took a turn for the deeper and darker breed of Pendulum. Sometimes I would have loved this but I was getting tired.
All Images Taken by : Jesse Bethany Pearse

In Summary:

There is a stigma attached to RAMfest,  partly due to the fact that there is a rough crowd and it isn’t for the faint-hearted. I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. The crowd is much the same as you’d find at Rocking the Daisies or similar festivals. Sure, there are a few troublemakers, but I genuinely found it to be, in the most part, a very friendly and fun bunch of rockers & ravers.

Words by Ben McCabe

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