Rezonance 2012\13

Rezonance 2012\13


April 17th, 2013


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So you think you don’t dance? There was no standing still at the Rezonance NYE festival, a massive 3-day electronic\trance dance music festival that just took everyone’s New years celebrations to the next level this past weekend. Even if you tried your best to remain motionless, with all that bass blasting you would have failed miserably.

The festival is known for its fully immersive audiovisual experience: 2 stages, state-of-the-art lighting and sound production. A scene like this would make even the most dance-impaired music fans nod their heads and two-step to the beats.


Day 1 of the festival included explosive performances by Gokon Rave ; Mad Piper ; Niskerone ; Haezer ; Rudeone ; Hyphen vs SFR & Das Kapital who was shooting a music video for his new single titled “Brainbang”.

Day 2 was somewhat of a bust because extremely high winds, which caused the festival to be engulfed in dust which made everyone somewhat reminisce of Oppikoppi — but that did not discourage the crowds at all. I’d have to say some special performances of the day went to Big Space ; Funafuji ; PH Fat ; Dave Q ; Major 7 ; Satori & Sibot without a doubt.

By Monday, the winds had died down enough for everyone to enjoy the final day of Rezonance without a hitch. People where still arriving to enjoy the last bit that there was left of the festival to end off their New Years Day celebrations on a high note.

rezonance3 rezonance4

Now festival wise, This was probably one of the best laid out festivals Ive attended, I think the longest walk I did was to the dam, other than that, everything was so nice and close to each other!

I think everyone can agree with me when I say the toilet facilities were well kept all the time, always clean & ample toilet paper (for the ladies). Also on a positive note the organisers did well in regards to lighting, I could actually see where everything was and I wasn’t falling over and bumping into things in complete darkness.

A few negatives (yes, I have too, I’m sorry) was mainly at the techodubfest stage…It felt a bit small, maybe there could’ve been a bit more space, and the sound was very soft for some reason, but this problem was resolved the next day when the rig was beefed up.

Another down fall was the lack of dirt bins or the rate they were cleaned, I kept seeing over flowing black bins, I was attacked by a Strawberry smoothie while sitting at the food tent, because the wind flung a black bin lid open and deposited red smoothie all over me!

In conclusion, I’d like to say that this was the best Rezonance Festival I have attended (even though it was my first time). And, I would like to thank all the organizers, the DJs, the people who put anything into the party that made it what it was, and of course all of you crazy fuckers who partied there. .  But all in all it was an epic weekend and a great way to start the new year. I wish you all an epic 2013  and I’ll be seeing you all again for the next Rezonance NYE Festival.

Review Done by: Ben McCabe

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