Rocked by the Daisies

Rocked by the Daisies


October 17th, 2014


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Rocking The Daisies was the first festival that I truly had not prepared a week in advance for…truth be told, this was my first Daisies experience and I had no idea what to expect.

Friday 3 October 2014

It is 06:30am and I am ready to get this show on the road…well that is what I said in my mind. In reality, Deep Aztec, Fran and I made our way down to pick up Thibo Tazz. We shoot back to my house  and I still have to pack my essentials; food, clothes and drinks, which is neither here nor there since the excitement from my party family is practically jumping off the walls especially with this year being Deep Aztec’s first Rocking The Daisies set.

At approximately 08:00am, my party crew and I are ready to hit the road for what could have been the longest journey to Darling. An hour and 30 minutes later we pull up to the gates and head straight to the VIP section for media and artists. Upon arrival, I found the media section to be pretty organized; our passes were waiting for us, which left me feeling a bit impressed and slightly important.

Once we received our passes, we went hunting for a spot to set up camp, only to be removed by security… apparently this was a ‘no camp zone’. Interestingly enough, an hour passes and that ‘no camp zone’ turned into a fully-fledged campsite filled with festivalgoers. Note to self: Next time we need a big amount of people to set up camp with us so that security won’t be able to move us around!? That said, when we eventually settled, our site wasn’t as full as the general camping area. We’re finally settled and naturally, thirst takes over… After all, it’s hard work trying to find the perfect spot. We make our way over to the Beach Bar the Thibo Tazz and Deep Aztec B2B set.

I was surprised by the turnout at The Beach Bar with people having a festive time listening to the tjoons; especially those who didn’t make it to the bar and those who simply hung out at the dam or chilled on the grass. I figured some people would come out but God did they come out in full force!

Layout of the land

After the Thibo Tazz B2B Deep Aztec set was finished, it was time to familiarize ourselves with the layout of the Daisies land. The first mission was to find the Main stage and the Jägermeister truck/bar, which we found with ease. While making our way down to find the Electro Dome we bumped into fellow blogger Cape Town At Night and he gave me the low down on the Media and Artist camping site since I wasn’t camping there.

Next stop Electro Dome! If I had to imagine what Heaven would be like set up as an Electronic Dance Party, the Electro Dome is how it would be (I hope). As we entered the dorm, we’re greeted by loud and clear sounds from the Kilowatt AV stage rig and a DJ set from Mikey Dredd. In the center of the dome, you see us looking around at the screen placed on the sides of the dome, not forgetting the massive mosaic effect of the screens in front and behind the DJ showing some seriously cool effects to compliment whoever is playing.

Mission three: find Monkey Shoulder Nu World Beat Club. My friend and favorite artist, Thor Rixon was performing, but only after 6pm… disappointment settled in for a moment. In full disclosure, this slight disappointment would not have happened if we had just looked at our Rocking The Daisies App, which if you use it from the beginning will ensure that you don’t miss a thing – totally amazing.

Note to self: Use the Rocking The Daisies app next time to prevent disappointment.










The more familiar we became with the layout of the land, the thirstier we got so it was time to head back to our tent to enjoy some cold one’s and snacks before the night jol starts. Heading back to the tent was interesting. We weren’t aware of the one-way traffic that existed, so we headed off in the direction that we came, only to be stopped by security who redirected us. Now, we’re at a festival, we’ve all come to enjoy ourselves, no stress, no irritation, just enjoy the music… unfortunately there are always those who just don’t follow instructions; boredom settles after arguing about nothing with security guards and eventually fights begin… Totally unnecessary, especially since you still have to go in the direction that you are being forced into to get to your tent.

Now you need to stop being an idiot and understand why there was only a one-way traffic entrance to the festival area. Imagine paying R750 and some bloke or chick gets to watch the same show as you and they didn’t want to pay that amount. Is that fair? Well the one-way traffic was there to stop those blokes and chicks from entering. Just imagine if you had people coming in and out of the festival all the time, you wouldn’t be able to keep track of those with passes and those without passes. I am open for arguments about this topic, so leave comment below and I will get back to you.

The real thing I found weird and stupid about the entry into the festival area was; you weren’t allowed to enter with beer cans or flasks. I also overheard that some folks were stopped with their water bottles (drinking bottles). Yes, I understand that the festival bars also need to make money but have you seen the distance some people had to walk just to refill? God by the time they got there they would have sobered up! Thus, it makes sense for them just to buy from the festival area, and once you’re drunk you don’t care how much you pay for the next drink. So wouldn’t it be smarter to let people bring their own drinks? Within hours your bars will be full, no?

After the debacle with at the entry, we chilled out around the tent, trying to be neighbourly which proved to be difficult with our very stuck up neighbours. Yet I still made a point to greet and smile at them whenever I saw them.

18:00pm saw us entering the Monkey Shoulder Nu World Beat Club for Thor Rixon’s set. Surprise, surprise, the Thor wasn’t actually DJ’ing, he was a part of a live set band (WINNING to those that like bands). The band killed it hard, the Thor is talented my friends. Don’t be fooled by that beard and dreads. Every single member of the band is a true musician in my opinion. Thor brought along some friends to sing and rap, and if I were any good with names, I would name them all. What I can remember is someone called Push Push aka Nicci St Bruce. Who can’t remember a small girl with full of energy and life and being gangster all over the stage? The only problem I had was that I couldn’t hear Push Push rap half of the time, and I’m sure it wasn’t because she’s shy or soft spoken so I’m guessing it was the equipment. Nonetheless, it was a top show.

20:30pm saw us entering the Electro Dome for the rest of Blotchy’s set. It was hard trying to make our way through to the front left hand corner of the crowd. Immediately after Blotchy, Okmalumkoolkat took the stage for some rap and crazy sick dance moves. The opening track was one of my favorites, “Lv ft Okmalumkoolkat – Sebenza” and even though it wasn’t the full track, it still got the crowd going crazy. Once the rapping started, the Okmalumkoolkat dance moves followed. Ok interacted very well with audience and they loved him for it.

Then suddenly someone says, “Big Ups to Okmalumkoolkat, my name is Muzi and I play my own edits, remixes and original tracks.” When I hear those words I’m immediately dreading Muzi’s set. And yet another surprise, the set he had planned got me jiving hard as well as everyone else in the Dorm. Muzi’s set included One More Time – Daft Punk – Muzi (Bootleg), Bhut’yangchaza – Okmalumkoolkat – Muzi (Remix), Destiny’s Child – Say My Name(Muzi Bootleg). He was definitely my Daisies highlight, ripping the Electro Dorm a new one and not forgetting the instant bar raise for other DJ’s that followed him Bruce Willis, Das Kapital, B_Type to name a few… It is however, a pity that he only had an hour-long set. I’m sure that he had so much more to show.

Saturday 4 October 2014

There really is nothing like being woken up by the hot sun cooking you alive inside your tent. We started our Saturday with a nice breakfast; eggs and bacon on rolls. We had more people than we had rolls so now was time for my brother and myself to make a plan because there were no rolls for us. Since we’re mentally disturbed (sometimes), we decided to enjoy finger biscuits wrapped in bacon. Man was that a tasty breakfast!

Breakfast over all roads lead to the festival area but for Clubbers and Shutter it lead to the Electro Dome for JNN KPN set. We arrived at the dome and everyone was either ‘hanging’, still drunk or super hot. I couldn’t bear to hear such amazing music being played and no one moving to it. I head over to the dance floor and within minutes, I had some more people jamming along even though the heat was getting the better of most of the people.

18:00pm we’re jamming to Va-va Deep House set on the Red Bull Truck at the general camping area. Big Ups to all those that were walking past and decide to join the Monkey dancers (us) and enjoy some Deep House for a few minutes.

Now since Friday I had been looking for the food court that I could never seem to find. I couldn’t have been the only one that didn’t know where to find it. Once I found the food court, I noticed how expensive everything was and it’s not as though you got bang for your buck, if you know what I mean. I will admit that the stall who sold curry did give you more than what you paid for, Big Ups to them. I was glad I only saw the food court that evening and saw the curry stall otherwise I would have been broke by end of Friday night.

Having missed Christian Tiger School we got to enjoy a fun set from the man with a Thompson sub machine gun plastic toy gun, Tommy Gun. The man got on top of the tables and showed of his gun and dance moves, he also came to the barrier to grab the hands of the crowd and naturally, the crowd loved it.

If you know Plagiarhythm you will know and have noticed that the man likes to act like a T-Rex while he DJ’s and gets you dancing. Grimehouse followed him and there’s not much I can say about him besides filth, madness, Grime and a surprise Collab with Reburn << where’d that come from? Unfortunately, no G-Strings were thrown at him as he dropped “Schlachthofbronx – That G-String Track”. One day you may be luck Grime. Lazersharkk followed Grime and wasted no time in coming in hard with the Drum and Bass that got the whole Dorm dancing / stomping / rocking back and forth.

Rudimental Live Set – wow seriously! Hello major talent! I must be honest; I thought the DJ set was an absolute let done for me. So I’m not going to dwell on that. When they had finished their set, there was a call for an encore but they ignored the fans and left the stage. Not even a ‘one last track’. This did not go over well with the crowd, not cool at all.

Big Ups to the DJ that followed the Rudimentals to keep the party going, as no one seemed to be leaving the Dorm.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Savanna Lemontree Theatre or Beach Bar were the places to be at. This was a comedy central day and starting us off with some comedy was Schalk Bezuidenhout, who got some great laughs from the crowd. Either the comedians who followed had a problem delivering their jokes or the crowd was tough. Nonetheless, the laughs just rolled hard with Mum-z, Brandon Murrary and headliner Loyiso Gola. Man Loyiso made me laugh so hard I needed to pee. Comedy was a perfect way to end off Rocking The Daisies.

Something some of you may not have known is that some skollies tried to enter in to the festival area but the security was all over them like white on rice. You see that one-way traffic actually SAVED your sorry asses from being robbed or being seriously injured.

We want to take this moment to say massive shout to Rocking The Daisies for having us and for the press package we received truly enjoyed our goodies. Thank you to everyone who made this festival possible, everyone who worked behind the scenes and spent countless hours organizing everything.

Massive shout out to Monster Energy SA for supplying us and ShutterMonkey Productions with Monster to keep us dehydrated in the harsh sun. Lastly shout-out to Kate from Voice Factory. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend & write about how the Daisies rocked me.

Words by: Elvis Javu

Editor: Roxanna Sonnenberg

Pictures: ShutterMonkey Productions, Ash Engel, Cape Town at Night & RTD

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