Synergy 2012 ft. The Prodigy

Synergy 2012 ft. The Prodigy


April 17th, 2013


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You know you had a good time at Synergy Live if you annoyed people by saying, “omw you should’ve been there”.

So I arrived home on Sunday feeling like a pack horse with a bag in one hand, camper chairs hung around me and a t-shirt tan of note! I was barely functioning and ready to pass out on the first piece of furniture I saw. With my weekend memories a bit blurry and aching muscles, I couldn’t even tell the difference between dirt and a tan.

I’m going to try and break up this review in some easy bullet point headings for your and my convenience, so lets get cracking.


Photo taken by Emelen Photography for Kiss The Purple Haze


  • The organization was quality. At festivals you expect to spend a fair amount of time queuing for food and drinks and holding your breath as you walk into porta-loos that look disgusting, but Synergy was really well organized from that point of view. Every toilet I went into was spotless, even right at the end and the food stalls were plenty and not too expensive, not that we had to pay for food or drink.
  • The rides looked fun but we didn’t get a chance to go on them, we were to busy missioning around.
  • The Kiss the Purple Haze girls walking around the festival, yum.
  • The Bacardi Rum Bus, Nick Murphy was holding it down during the day playing marathon sets keeping the day drunk skollies going, myself included.
  • The morning Bacon Egg & Cheese toasties, enough said.
  • The VIP package and Backstage passes, we only really made use of the backstage passes on the Saturday at the Redbull stage for some light banter with the whose who and Jason Borland bumming cigarettes off me in exchange I got to use his lighter.
  • Cheap cigarettes, where else do you find Peter Stuyvesant smokes at R27 a box…
  • The Prodigy, best live performance I’ve seen to date and surviving the raging mosh pit.
  • That beautiful sunset on Saturday. (See Above Photo)
  • The debauchery happening over at the Kiss the Purple Haze Shameless tent, some weird things happened there. Lets just say whats happened in the Shameless tent, stayed in the Shameless tent, unless they took a picture of the many crimes you were committing.
  • The raging wind, which made pitching a tent rather difficult.
  • The Long walk to freedom for the general camping folks, felt like I was walking to hermanus when I went to visit friends.
  • The amount of charna’s walking around flexing at every single girl, I was also flexing my sixpack of beer, which got more response.
  • The Camping situation, I didnt quite understand why there were tents behind the Redbull floor.
  • The amount of lighting for the pathways, You were lucky if you had a torch or headlamp.


  • Glass bottles still made it into the festival grounds.
  • Queues for the showers were a nightmare.
  • Our noisy neighbours, omg did they make a noise, shouting in their drunken state for some guy called Brent??
  • The Redbull Stage. The music was quality, and the crowd was MDMAzing
  • Special mention to the couple trying to have sex in the bushes. Nothing quite like walking back to your tent and you see clothes flying out of the bushes.


  • Christian Tiger School
  • George Daniel
  • Bruce Willis??
  • Big Space
  • Richard the 3rd (despite the technical gremlins)
  • Hyphen vs SFR
  • Haezer
  • Anthea
  • PH.Fat
  • Audiophile 021
  • La.Vi
  • The Prodigy (again)


I simply had to dedicate part of this review to my Childhood Heroes The Prodigy. It doesn’t get a lot more old school than this. Hang on to your teeth as that insolent, needling high-pitched synth line drives you out of your mind and sends you rampaging round your local SPAR to toss dried pasta everywhere in a dance frenzy because it’s 2.30pm and no nightclubs are open.

Friday night was one of the most biblical nights I’ve experienced at a festival ever. The crowd chanting “Prodigy” until they made their way out onto the stage and once they did, the crowd totally lost it. It was a given that they would obviously perform some of the hits from the old albums such as: “Firestarter”; “Breathe”; “Omen” & “Voodoo People”, but I got to hear my favourite which was “Spitfire”. They did part of the original and then did almost like a live VIP of the track, which I totally loved!

The highlight of the night was when Maxim “MC” told the entire crowd to get down during “Smack my Bitch up” and as the song hit the drop, everyone shouted “SMACK MY BITCH UP” and jumped into the air and just lost the plot! Really an awesome experience. The crowd also enjoyed a few tracks from the new album which is set to release in March 2013 🙂

So be on the look out for that when it gets released.


Big thanks to everyone involved in bringing Synergy Live 2012 to life. You guys made it worthwhile. I can’t forget the lovely Bongiwe who sorted us out when we arrived at Synergy on Friday, you took care of us 100%.

See you in 2013

Review by Ben McCabe


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