Ultra Music Festival: South Africa 2014

Ultra Music Festival: South Africa 2014


October 25th, 2013


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ULTRA WORLDWIDE is the global brand of the World’s Premier Electronic Music event ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL. An internationally renowned event that has taken place every March since its inception in 1999, Ultra Music Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary this year by becoming the first ever major electronic festival to produce an event over two consecutive weekends.

Boasting the hottest names and the finest talent to be found anywhere on the planet, Ultra Worldwide is now the most international festival brand in the world by far, as it continues to transport the unrivaled experience from its Miami flagship event to an ever-growing number of destinations and fans all over the globe. Add in their pioneering live stream, ‘Ultra Live’ and Ultra Worldwide is able to bring the festival experience online to over 11 million unique viewers globally.


| UMF: South Africa 2014 LINEUP: Phase 1 |

Nicky Romero
Black Coffee
Mi Casa
Dj Fresh (SA)

(More To Be Announced Soon)



Ultra South Africa is strictly an 18 and over event.


Ticket prices for each event are as follows:


GA Early Bird – R600 Phase 1 – R700 Phase 2 – R800 Phase 3 – TBA

VIP Phase 1 – R900 Phase 2 – R1100 Phase 3 – TBA


GA Early bird – R650 Phase 1 – R750 Phase 2 – R850 Phase 3 – TBA VIP Phase 1 – R1200 Phase 2 – R1500 Phase 3 – TBA

VVIP Phase 1 – R3000 Phase 2 – TBA




Ultra South Africa Official Website | Ultra South Africa Facebook | Ultra South Africa Twitter


  1. Carl says:

    Hi, please can you clarify the phase meanings.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi carl. from what we understand, they’re announcing certain aspects of Ultra. such as when the first phase tickets sell out, and when the second announcement of artists are announced. still 8 internationals to be announced in the coming months.

      hope this answers your question.

      • Bianca says:

        HI. does it matter whether you bought phase 1 or phase 2 tickets? is there a difference.. like i can still go to the entire festival with my phase 2 ticket?

    • veeba says:

      please can you let us know the line up for cape town is… the jhb one has been released on the fb page. much appreciated!

  2. Brendon Wessels says:

    Will Computicket be the main seller of tickets on the 1st of November.

  3. R says:

    Can you go to ultra if you’re turning 18 in the same year?

  4. Plamen says:

    Where will this take place (Johannesburg)?
    and is it a one day event as the American version is 3 days long?

    • admin says:

      Plamen the event is taking place in Cape Town 14th Feb 2014 and Johannesburg 15th Feb. It seems like its going to be only one day in each city.

    • admin says:

      it will be at the Nasrec Showgrounds, with the little information we’ve gotten, at the moment it seems like a 1 day event.

  5. M says:

    If you are turning 18 on the 15th Feb, will you be allowed in on the 14th?
    And when are Phase 2 Artists being announced?

  6. Bhavs says:

    will you have full access to the evnt even if you bought at phase 1?or is it full just an incentiive to buy you have any details on the time tickets are being released.

    • admin says:

      the best thing to do would be to buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment. earlier the better because its still cheap.

      we will keep you updated about the ticket sales, closer to the date of sale.

  7. Lainey06 says:

    How do the phases work? If its a 1 day festival does everyone for phase 1 leave so that phase 2 can start??

  8. riana says:

    if you are turning 18 less than a week after the event, will you be able to attend ? also what are the differnces in the phases?

  9. Marcio says:

    Can you please elaborate on what is included in the vvip tickets?

    • Ryan says:

      I have the same question as Marcio. I would also be interested in this… will there be a meet and greet with the artists for vvip?

  10. Lobka says:

    Morning, just to understand the phases. so if i buy phase 2 or 3 will we be able to attend the whole event? we just paying more for our ticket…

  11. vikash says:

    how does this phase thing work??? if you buy phase 1 tickets are you allowed to go to phase 2 and 3 ???

  12. mauricioI says:

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  13. vincenzo says:

    under what name will computicket sell the tickets? what are the differences in the phases? do different phases have different artists? as it says the above mentioned artists are for phase 1… so is it likely that different phases mean different artists or does it mean that phases depend on how close u are to the stage as we pay more for different phases?

  14. elia da silva says:

    if you are turning 18 in September will you be allowed to attend?

  15. Cameron Moore says:

    What do these phases mean please explain!!!

  16. Dim says:

    Will there be a limit to the number of tickets you can buy?

  17. Jeanine says:

    Please assist us on the different phases. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the phases. Is the day going to be in 3 phases, where only the people that have phase 3 tickets can stay the whole event? Or is it the different stages? And please elaborate on the bennifits of the VVIP tickets!

    Oh joy cant wait!!


  18. josh says:

    If I have something on during ultra am i able to sell my ticket?

  19. Rowen says:

    I think what they mean by phase is the time of release of the ticket, it is a one day event, the Phase and ticket price will increase closer to the date. Phases meaning different release dates for the sale of tickets.

  20. Saiyuri says:

    Okay, so if i by the phase one tickets i will be granted access to the full day event?

  21. Rowen says:

    Any phase will give you access to the all day event, rather purchase your tickets now before they increase in price, I think the cheapest now for Johannesburg is R850 for General

  22. Monica says:

    Please can you give us a hint if Borgore will be in the line up at the Fest?

  23. Jay says:

    The phases simply indicate the prices of the tickets…as they announce more artists the tickets get more expensive..all the artists will play on one day..any ticket gives you access to the whole event..all tickets are the same (pahase 1,2 3)…the reason tickets are cheaper now is because we don’t know the full line when phase 2 comes they will announce who more of the artists are..when that happens the tickets will become more buy now

    • Kayben says:

      If we get a vvip ticket. will we be able to attend both Cape Town and Johannesburg’s Festivals seeing that it’s one day CT and one day JHB?

  24. Reez says:

    Would the full line-up include Avicii or CalvinHarris,,,by chance???

  25. Reez says:

    People!!! buy your freakin’tickets…Been to Swedish House Mafia and Sensation White,,, Ultra is another international event U do not wanna miss…

  26. Alesso #1 Fan says:

    I’m gonna be turning 18 in June so will I be allowed into the festival??
    i NEED to know! 😛

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  28. sglenville john says:

    Hi Admin
    Who could assist me with booking a mobile sushi and pizza stall ?


  29. Divan im 18 hahaha says:

    Hi Admin….one of my friends is turning 18 in May and I want to know if I can buy him a ticket to surprise him, will he be allowed in at the festival? Because I want to know ASAP, because the tickets are getting more expensive thank you admin!

  30. Conor says:


  31. Prinsj says:

    Any vendor stalls still available – need info on booking one please?

  32. Himal says:

    Will they be checking IDs?

  33. Lexi Stais says:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you know what time the Johannesburg show will end about? I have bought tickets but now something has come up on that day that I cannot miss and I am hoping to head to Nasrec afterwards. Please let me know. Thanks

  34. Mikaeel says:

    Is there anyway to go for Ultra if you are not 18?

  35. hilary says:

    I’ve got my ID, but I’m only turning 18 late this same year. Would I still be able to attend? Please let me know A.S.A.P. So I can sell my ticket if need be

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