The 5 Gum Experience Presents: A-Trak & Hudson Mohawke


Last week was my first experience attending a 5 Gum Experience event. It was the most fantastic event I have ever been to, hands down one of the best parties for me this year so far. Not only did I get to attend the event, but I also got the privilege to attend the press conference and rub shoulders with A-Trak & Hudson Mohawke.

Back to the point at hand, 5 Gum SA really pulled off a great event this year, with a stellar venue as well with an equally mind-blowing lineup which would get anyone frothing at the mouth, featuring some of the best local acts Cape Town has to offer such as, “Funafuji ; Christian Tiger School ; Youngsta ; White Nite ; Sibot” these guys really did well to show off Cape Town’s amazing talent to our 2 Internationals “A-Trak & Hudson Mohawke”

I would just like to point something out and say, that I have never seen so many white people walk through Cape Town’s taxi rank, guess there is a first for everything right? 🙂

Big round of applause go to the party-goers who attended and actually dressed up for the occasion to give it that whole “terror island” vibe, not to mention some special cases coming out of those dodgy dark alleys. There were characters out that you usually don’t see and there were many opportunities for pictures.

It was as if we were all zombies, gathering in one place and the music was a type of “calling” or “brain”, cause zombies like brains you know, making us move as a group towards the venue.

Now the visuals were some what jaw dropping, the stage setup and visuals were amazing and along with the music, was the best sensory experience for any person. All 5 of my senses were used to enjoy this magnificent event.

Only downfall was the acoustics inside the venue, but what do you expect from an abandoned train terminal/station.

It was just the best atmosphere. I enjoyed it so much, definitely going next year for sure. I can’t wait to see what the next one is going to be like.


I would just like say special thanks to 5 Gum SA & Mark from Retroviral for giving us the opportunity to attend the event and press conference & last but not least , the staff and people behind the scenes that made everything possible to make this the best 5 Gum Experience ever.

Review By: Ben McCabe