Kevin Cook

Jayms & Bass Odyssey – See What’s Next (Feat. Kali Mija)

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Messing around one day with some more tech-inspired house music, this track was originally created as a remix. That was, until I sent it over to Bass Odyssey ( to get their special touch. As soon as it was done, we knew we had to make it an original with the catchy bassline and memorizing melodies 🚀 All we needed was a vocal – and that is where the extremely talented Kali Mija ( was brought in. She laced the vocals and we immediately knew we had a dance hit! 🌖
This single is set for streaming release on both my Soundcloud page and YouTube channel, as well as on all major music platforms for those who prefer Apple Music, Spotify, etc. 🌍
– RELEASE DATE: 1 July 2022


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Enjoy, and thanks for the continuous support! x